APCC Water Project

Adar Poonawalla Clean City for provision of safe drinking water infrastructure in the villages ( Manjari , Fursungi And Sadestra Nali)

Our Mission

A pilot plant providing 2m liters of drinking potable water per day has been commissioned. Based on this experience, we have planned to increase to 10m liters of water per day, to be provided to those who do not have access to clean drinking water via the city pipeline network and in some cases, using tankers to reach places that are outside of the network.

About the Project

Under this project, safe drinking water is to be served to the community through a unique customized solution called the Hub and Spokes where the purification units will be installed at the Manjari WTP unit premises which will treat the water to be dispensed through the dispensing units popularly called as Water ATMs that will be spread over the needy villages.

About the Solution

Known as the Hub-and-Spokes solution, this is designed to serve needy communities in cluster placing purification unit as Hub and multiple dispensing units as ATMs. The following diagram is a pictorial representation of the above described model:

RO Plant

RO Plant

  • Two RO plants Installed in Manjari
  • Capacity of 10000 ltrs per hour (Per Machine)
Water ATM

Water ATM

  • Total 39 Water ATM Installed
  • Water ATM Having Capacity of 500 ltr/ATM
  • 10ltr water can dispense per day per person


  • Three water tanks of 2000 ltrs each have been there for project
  • Three drivers have been appointed
  • Per Tankers 13 ATM Have been Allotted.


Filling of raw water

Filtration of water.

Refilling of water in Tankers.

Transportation of tankers from plant to water atm.

Refilling of water Atm with help of refilling card.

Dispensing of water with help of RFID Card